The power of music being used for The Kingdom of God to deliver a message of life!

WinterBand is a family Christian rock/blues/metal band.  We are Oneness Apostolic Pentecostal Acts 2:38 Christians.

Hot Christian rock telling it like it really is with no apologies!

Musicians wanted for music and fellowship, must be real Oneness, Acts 2:38 holiness Christian in Covington, GA area.  Contact for more info.


We are sorry to have to do this but feel that it is our civic duty to warn people about CDbaby.  It is no longer owned by the original founder.  Now, if your CDs don't sell as fast as CDbaby thinks they should, they send you an email demand for you to pay the shipping to have your CDs returned to you or they will "recycle" them. We will never make the mistake of trusting CDbaby again.

Where Babies Come From - by WinterBand
A Pro Innocent Life song a song to save lives



Update 2/23/2022 This video which won second place in the Ourstage video contest some years back was recently censored by the filth running YouTube after being up for over a decade. Pray with me that the Lord reward the filth responsible for the censorship according to their works.

Grace 2008 Christian rock by Winterband warning of the threat of islam


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ZZ WinterbandWinterBand with Hayseed on guitar

Philip Winter on drumsBro. Steve and Philip Winter father and sonBro. Steve Winter and stratocaster

Winterband in action

Senator Zell Miller and Philip Winter

We were honored to be able to give a CD to Senator Zell Miller and he was kind enough to let us take a picture with him and drummer Philip (and to give permission for us to put it here).

Pete Joyner the famous drummer with Philip Winter
This is a photo of Philip at age 7 with his drum teacher Pete Joyner (yes "the" Pete Joyner) in 1996.

Bro Winter at UPCI camp meeting
Bro Steve Winter playing a red guitar at a UPC camp meeting in 1985


To contact WinterBand email

For songs recorded after Sept 2004 Pastor Winter is using Vox equipment for electric guitar amplification  instead of Line 6

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